Hourly:  $9

Half day: $24 (6 hours or less)

5 pack half days: $115 ($23/day)

10 pack half days: $220 ($22/day) 

20 pack half days: $420 ($21/day)

Full day: $32 (6+ hours)

5 pack full days:  $155 ($31 per day)

10 pack full days: $285 ($28.50 per day)

20 pack full days: $535 ($26.75 per day)

Late pick-up: $10 (must be pre-arranged, 9pm latest)


4x8 single-occupancy, non-holiday: $42/night

4x8 single-occupancy, holiday: $48/night

4x8 double-occupancy, non-holiday: $74/night

4x8 double-occupancy, holiday: $86/night

8x8 double occupancy, non-holiday: $84/night

8x8 double occupancy, holiday: $96/night  

Kong dog toy filled with tasty treat (dog-safe peanut butter, pepperoni and cheese, or liver): $5

*Checkout time is 10am. Daycare fees will be added to your bill for the pick-up day only If you arrive after 10am. If you pick up between 10am and 1pm, you will be charged a half day of daycare ($24 per dog). If you pick up between 1p and close you will be charged for a full day of daycare ($32 per dog). If you have a discounted daycare package with us, we will use that for the applicable daycare charges.

FULL SERVICE DOG GROOMING: Rates based on dog breed, size, condition of coat, and type of grooming services requested. Please call our Terwilliger location for a quick quote: (503) 295 2275 ext. 2. 


0-29 lbs: $14

30-59 lbs: $17

60-89 lbs: $20

90+ lbs; $25


A basic bath and blow-dry by our daycare staff. 

Add $12 to the self-wash rates. 


Nail trim: $10 (either location)

Dremel (by appointment at either location): $14

Anal-glands expressed (by appointment at Burlingame location): $10

*For full-service grooming rates, please call our Burlingame location for a quote. Rates are based on breed, size and services requested.